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  • Valve cleaning procedure
  • 2017/5/11 TIME:[1382]
  • The parts of the valve must be dealt with in the following steps before assembly:
    1, according to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, the surface can not have burr, etc.;
    2, all parts degreasing treatment;
    3, after degreasing, pickling passivation, cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus;
    4, after the purification of purified water with clean water, can not have pesticide residues, carbon steel parts to eliminate this step;
    5, one by one spare parts with non-woven cloth to dry, can not be retained on the surface of the wire, such as hair, or with a clean nitrogen to blow dry;
    6, the use of non-woven cloth or precision filter paper analysis of pure alcohol on the part of the wipe, until there is no dirty color.

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